How much do they make: The website sold in 2016 on Flippa for $5,275. Discover the 5 examples of successful Amazon affiliate websites. Get 65 amazon affiliate website templates on ThemeForest. Copyright © 2020 • BloggingJOY • Powered by Affiliate Booster. I am planning to start an amazon affiliate website and this is really helpful. It’s really interesting and a way people have made lots of money as you can tell from the write ups below. Thanks for taking those 20 hours to put it all together. Average Post Length: 500 – 1,000 Words Why would you go to an affiliate shopping site that looks like Amazon (or a poor Amazon copy) that just takes you to Amazon? Great website for Amazone niche website’s details. Definitely check it out for DollarHabits! Get all my personal templates & systems for niche sites.. I like this website because I am a big follower of Jim Harmer. From my initial review, they continue the streak of long content to rank high in Google. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. =) -Andrew. The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world that helps content creators, publishers, and website owners monetize their traffic. I have included several awesome Amazon affiliate examples here which will surely motivate you to invest more time towards learning. It really gains your trust with the photos and videos even though you know they are making money through the affiliate commissions. But, still, nothing to worry as one can make use of the Amazon Affiliate Program and make money from his/their website itself. This is incredibly valuable for people willing to buy, but want to see the product in a video demo before purchasing. He is an awesome affiliate marketer and very honest. I love this so much but I’m so bad luck because I not clear about amazon affiliate rule and always get sad email from amazon affiliate team. You are right brother. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This is a great way to do a review page in my opinion to combine the word length of each review into one huge, helpful page. It has a very professional look for a review website, but they don’t overcrowd you with product reviews right off. (Apart from SEO). This is another example of great niche-specific Amazon affiliate website. Most Searched Keywords: 3d printing pen, cheap 3d printer etc. That’s when this website was created. They come out and say it on their homepage, they earn money by affiliate commissions. What Services Can you expect from us? Thanks for sharing! They build this awesome website and shared a detailed case study about this website, how the plan content etc. With only 152 thousand monthly visitors, it’s not as much as other sites, but they continue to push out new content and gain new Facebook users. It has been very useful for newbie…. … I took Amazon off the website a while ago. one should not mention the price of products, add a disclaimer about your affiliation with Amazon, don’t share your affiliate links too much on social media or PPC ads etc. One of Most Searched Products: Best Electric Shaver Read the Amazon’s latest Program Policies BEFORE you build your site. You can also create a coupon website or deals site and share whatever you want to form Amazon. With 1.6 Million Facebook Likes, Lisa Leak (owner) has become an authority on “real food” and uses this platform to sell other things like her own cook book. This review site doesn’t even niche down, their tag line is “Discover the Best of Everything”. This site seems to do everything right in being a prime example of an Amazon Affiliate Website. Here is the snapshot of my Amazon Affiliate earnings so far. High traffic keywords: cheap cameras for YouTube, best vlogging camera, YouTube microphone. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. =P, It’s really cool to see that bloggers like us can create something like these! Yes, you can research this website and find out a low competition with high search volume keywords to plan for your Amazon affiliate website. Welcome to affiliate sites. I really hope this helps you as much as it did me. I think more Amazon affiliate sites are review sites are because people want to know what other people think of the product before they spend the money, that’s why these review sites are so popular. I’ll follow up on my progress in the upcoming blog posts. Average Post Length: 10 – 160 Words In any case, that way is exceptionally troublesome for a novice to get it. Now it depends on your target as well. These guys gather up the coolest gadgets, gifts, tech and oddities from Amazon and around the web to showcase on their website. Affiliate websites are owned by Amazon Associates who each have their own unique Associate ID. This is an interesting example of a site built around a high price item that I could see people willing to buy online rather than a store. By the way, thanks for putting the list together. I know this is not at all something that will motivate you, as people are making millions. For example, Amazon cannot share in one day 480 million products on social networks in one day. Amazing! To figure out what’s right, these outdoor review sites help immensely! This site is about 5 pages and a couple of additional pages for reviews for treadmills. Then again, I never know what Google is going to do. I’ve been itching to create a new website lately as an awesome way to make money, but before I start I thought I would review my list of successful Amazon Affiliate Websites currently making money for some lessons learned. You are correct, when I say 41,90k visitors, I’m referencing 41,900 visitors per month. Does this mean 41,900 visitors per month? What is an Amazon Affiliate Website? This website started in 2000 as a review website which helped consumers by reviewing different products and offering the consumer the chance to purchase the product. How much do they make: She doesn’t list how much she makes on her blog. This site is owned by the same owners as so you’ll notice some similarities. What a great list you have shared for our inspiration. ThisIsWhyImBroke – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. Well, it is like any other website only. CarSeatAnswers – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. I discovered the YouTube channel and able to explore some awesome facts about affiliate marketing. He majorly used scholarship link building, which is not quite safe nowadays. AMAZON AFFILIATE WeBSITES. CarSeatAnswers focuses on keywords like “Car Seat Answers” and “Car Seat Guide” and “Which Seat is Safest for a Baby’s Car Seat” then writes 700-1,000 word articles with no photos except for the Amazon Products sold throughout the article. If you’re curious about being an Amazon Affiliate – Here are a bunch of screenshots of the process – -Andrew, Your email address will not be published. Great article brother…. I look forward to reading more about your next affiliate website. Plus keep in mind that people love outdoor gear. That may explain why they spent the time to write a 5,000 word post on it. This is one of my favorite Amazon Affiliate Websites because it’s so freaking cool! They have only 2 blog post with minimal content for each “Football Snack Helmet”. What do they do, what do they need, what is the best? Product details Complete Amazon affiliate website with simple and clean design. Thanks to some helpful Reddit users, One Man’s Brand and Niche Site Project for some of the inspiration to make this list of 50 happen! Average Post Length: Around 1,000 Words + Videos BestReviews – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. It’s actually really easy to sign-up for their affiliate program, here is how to become an Amazon Affiliate. I read you need to put 2 – 3 years of unpaid work in to realise any decent profit. That means you are going to create a website where you will write articles about products that are available to purchase on Amazon. Nice article. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 1.80K Visitors With Amazon affiliate websites, these days bloggers found an awesome way to make money online through affiliate marketing. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Be that as it may, on the off chance that one can focus on a little salary, he/she can without much of a stretch from a little arrangements or coupon web page on a particular class from Amazon and after that begin blogging on the same. Building & managing a micro niche website is very easy and the return is also awesome compared to a multi niche website. Average Post Length: 500 – 1,000 Words Considering that you have decided to build an Amazon micro niche website, next you should plan to write extensive product reviews for all the related products. The above was a very interesting topics to me. An Amazon affiliate store is simply a website that links to the main Amazon shopping website and their products. Otherwise, micro-niche websites rank faster and also give a good return with less investment 7 effort. 10 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2020 (Earn BIG Commissions), 7 Best Affiliate Networks & Programs In India 2020. Is there a cheaper option? There is one, very cute puppy, but nothing else. Become an Amazon affiliate and start making money with Amazon Associates. commission ranges are as high as 11%. We decide don’t approved your submit” :(. Amazon Affiliate Website Examples. Thanks a lot. In the long run, a decent site will dependably possibly produce cash. But to be very honest, I did not put enough effort to make it an awesome website to bring enough traffic so that it can generate regular income automatically. That explains the crazy amount of content this site contains. I’ll refer to them with the creative terms “Big” and “Small.” Small Amazon Affiliate Sites: These are more traditional niche Amazon Affiliate websites. Personally me & my wife is running a multi niche website also where we are putting our max effort. Also, they have a dedicated team of photographers, videographers, editors to write such a detailed article. Have you got any success trying Amazon affiliate programs so far? Get started now on your weight loss and in the future “online millionaire mindset.” . It’s really simple and plain websites like this that make me happy! So combine a review site and something people everyone loves, like babies. This is the sister site to the affiliate marketing site TheWirecutter. Very interesting blog. Share as many images as possible to make the review useful readers. Outdoor activity niche is another popular Amazon affiliate niche where you will find many websites. I think any blogger that has recommendations to products should have some affiliate commissions to help fund their website. it states: “I do know how much they make. This doesn’t leave a lot of room to expand into other hot tub areas, but if your focus is “inflatable hot tubs” then go for it. However, I need team in order to run multi project. I just checked out Wondered(.com) it’s pretty much identical to ThisIsWhyImBroke(.com) except it seems to have less activity based on the amount of likes per item. Thanks & References. In fact, the popularity of micro niche sites has increased because of Amazon’s affiliate only, after google AdSense. This is one of the easiest examples that you could set up in a weekend. It’s always interesting to see what people are doing to make commissions. Comparatively, I feel it is easy to start creating Indian Amazon Affiliate Websites, as the competition is relatively less. Today, it ranks as one of the biggest consumer affiliate websites in the UK with over 8 million visits every month. You could maybe tell from the website homepage that looks more like than a review website, then again they have over 1.5 million pages indexed. As I have said already, I am not in the race with other Amazon niche site builder bloggers, so I prefer to build links systemically and over the period of time to make my blog for the long run. How much do they make: I don’t know how much they make. More info / Download Demo Kingdom. So, what makes a good hosting company for Amazon affiliate websites? As a noob affiliate marketer, I’ve got some important key points from your post. On the website, it is mentioned that they purchase each and every product for review. (source), TheSweetHome – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. These social networks can also be used to increase traffic to your own website, and that means you are no longer dependent solely on search engine traffic for visitors. KichenFaucetDivas – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. An Amazon Affiliate Website is any website that earns money by linking products from their website to the Amazon store. The typical length of an article is 300-500 words so they are relying on their specific niche for traffic. Affiliate Marketing is easily one of my favorite income streams from our list of ways to make money. I will help you set one up if you are ready. Nice article! One of Most Searched Products: Best Epoxy If you spend some quality time, then I am sure you will be able to crack the keyword for your Amazon affiliate website from these sites only. This is one of the most niche markets I’ve ever seen. Thanks Dilshad for sharing your kind words here. How much do they make: I don’t know how much they make. So far I haven’t earned enough through them to justify all the rules. Even with all affiliates who runs a review website, they cannot cover all of those products. WEBSITE NAME: THEWIRECUTTER.COM + THESWEETHOME.COM; WEBSITE NAME: RUNNERCLICK.COM; WEBSITE NAME: BESTREVIEWS.COM; WEBSITE NAME: GEARPATROL.COM; Your Amazon Affiliate Site (source), GearPatrol – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. This definitely helps give it some more credit than throwing a up a bunch of products and hoping people read them. … Recently started an online affiliate store and getting good responces. Servers. It runs like a blog, but with a relatively simple design. Two of these sites were built and managed by my team for many years, I can’t share which ones though. Yea, it’s an interesting idea that started off bloggers and Amazon collaborating to gain commissions on products that bloggers recommend. I’m sure this site is at the forefront of every build-it-myself computer geek out there (I’m one ). Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 3.80M Visitors =P -Andrew. One of Most Searched Products: Robot Vaccum Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Now if you could just find a way to figure out how much they’re making with these sites! However, this site is just one blog, with three additional pages for “Best Tablets for Kids”, “Kids Tablet Reviews” and “Kids Tablet Comparisons” all of which are likely keyword researched names. It’s motivating though because you know you can do better, right? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Look at their homepage. That means to make a decent income of say, $1000 you have to make sure 100 people buy something using your links. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 2.40M Visitors I’m not sure how this site is successful, but from looking over their latest articles, they are receiving regular viewers and comments. This is great, to be honest upfront. Amazon tracks this by a special code from the URL link on your website. This is an Amazon Affiliate Website that has really niched down into specifically, as the name implies, kids tablets with Wifi. I’m hoping a good SEO ranking will happen with long, detailed content. -Andrew. Thank you so much you shared a rich list of amazon affiliate websites. Personally, I am also working side by side to build an Amazon niche site and also a coupon website where I am promoting Amazon products to generate affiliate income. Such affiliate programs have resulted in a large number of successful affiliate websites. One of Most Searched Products: Fire HD Kids Tablet It’s a simple/clean website design with lots of photos to help people understand the variety. That tells me that the owner is monitoring this site and probably adding new content. To motivate you in 2020, I am going to share more than 10+ examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites in different niches. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 41.90K Visitors An Amazon Affiliate Website is any website that earns money by linking products from their website to the Amazon store. This is a famous case study, but I thought I would share it in video form if you've not heard about They generate tons of organic traffic for each review category like ski gloves combines all of their test products (amazon links), test experiences, reviews and opinions so that the review pages reach around 6,000 words. Whether you’re starting from scratch with your first website or looking to invest in building up your online businesses, buying pre-done for you Amazon affiliate websites is a smart move. InflatableHotTubGuide – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. This is a great example that content is king. I’m afraid I don’t understand the numbers you used for the traffic figures for each of these sites. Not only that, this is a perfect example of an Amazon niche website that can make a serious amount of money. Apparently, this site receives over 1.8M visitors, which is pretty impressive considering this site only started in 2013. So if a blogger recommended a specific desk lamp, that blogger could link to Amazon and gain a 5%-10% commission for every desk lamp bought from customers visiting from that link. I will try to share more such useful content in coming days. Average Post Length: 3,000-5,000 Words Instead we may look for Product /price comparison where you can connect to multiple affiliates . I think concentrating only on Amazon wont be a good idea . All you have to do is make sure whatever you write is well-presented and that you use a high-quality hosting provider (Make sure your website uptime is close to 100% and load times are fast). It’s insanely fun to go outdoors but you never know if you have right equipment. More links are shared, more products promoted. I love looking up different amazon affiliate websites that others have done for inspiration. You can join my Facebook Group, The Bloggers’ Team. Best Traffic Keywords: best washing machine in India, best air conditioner in India, mixer grinder reviews in India. How to Set up an Amazon Affiliate Website. The site was making around $5,000/month when the owner decided to sell the site through Flippa. It was sold for $109,000 on June 2013. ConsumerSearch – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. Bestcovery has taken a similar approach to, focusing on consumer reviews and best product related pages to target the same type of queries. Average Post Length: 1,000-1,500 Words Your email address will not be published. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 3.30M Visitors But I have listed out few of the Indian Amazon affiliate sites as well. PickMyShaver – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. High traffic keywords: Best robot vacuum, a best smart doorbell camera, best 3d pen etc. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In the early days of affiliate themes, you had to put the links directly into the product page. If something this plain can bring in so many visitors, than someone creative and design oriented like me can do better, right? They have a cool site, but I have no idea how they’re not banned. LongBoardReviews – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. Not bad for a “.net” domain as they are less common than their popular counterparts “.com”. I hope you will understand what I’m trying to say. Amazon Associates is the mecca of online affiliate sales. The thing is, it’s completely do-able. One of Most Searched Products: High End Treadmill i will pay. Buy amazon affiliate website templates from $7. It seems like someone had great intentions to set up an affiliate site with a clean design but forgot about it after 2 blog posts, ending in June 2016. Then it exploded into full amazon stores and review websites. -Andrew, i want to make store just like that anybody help me. Internet marketing is getting ready to be your full-time job and you have to be mentally prepared. High traffic keywords: best smartwatch, best windshield wipers, best gaming mouse, best hoverboard. TomsHardware – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. Is amazon affiliate really profitable to them? Can I have your Whatsapp no or facebook ID. Now that is an awesome post! 🙂 To motivate you in 2020, I am going to share more than 10+ examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites in different niches. Instead I’m directed to a boring treadmill site. KidsTabletswithWiFi – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. commission structure is higher than US, and the SEO difficulty is way less than the US or the English speaking market in general. This isn’t a small enterprise, and they still utilize the Amazon Affiliate network to monetize their site. But frankly speaking, the income is very less when you promote Amazon India affiliate program compared to Amazon USA Affiliate Program. Achieving that goal requires you to lose weight, take vitamins, eat right, and do the transformation work as an aspiring affiliate marketer. Hey Ashley. So, better to work hard to build a website to attract international traffic so that you can promote Amazon products in the future. But still, I believe, a beginner will surely get confidence from the fact that even without putting many efforts an Amazon affiliate website can make money. If have a chance I hope you have anything to show me clear about how to do this! Which help out bloggers to make money through Amazon affiliate program eaily. Now the commission structure of products on Amazon is different for different types of products. Average Post Length: 100 – 300 Words Thanks, brother for finding this useful. This website is a pure example of awesome branding and the best marketing strategy. I found this website awesome as it is highly targetted to Vlogger or video bloggers who generally need a good Digital camera, Camera lens and other types of equipment. I know someone who created an Amazon affiliate site back in 2008. Hi, I believe there are mistakes in your post. Do you give them an iPad? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I keep wondering if they actually reviewed all those different kitchen sinks, because that would be a lot of work installing and disassembling numerous sinks to see how they work. How much do they make: In 2015, this site combined with The Wirecutter made $150 Million in e-commerce sales. Personal templates & systems for niche sites would be rejected by Amazon Associates is the useful advice, so. Blog posts add a new amozon affilate amazon affiliate websites ): 41.90K visitors, micro-niche websites faster! Months now and I have described above you promote Amazon products is through your blog content some tips experiences! In one day 480 million products on a particular niche”, or Web. Revenue sources with real-time pictures of products on Amazon is very low compared to the affiliate.! Ever came across the SEO of each page income of say, $ 1000 you have beat... To use admin panel know these testers are actually shared product reviews off... Most people do ) to create something like this website ( earn commissions. And reviews inside of their commission revenue, affiliate marketing is getting ready to become a future “ online mindset.... Why they spent the time to write such a detailed case study creating Indian affiliate! So sleek that it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies will be stored in post! Article as is the only limit if something this plain can bring so... The rules about how to do everything right in being a prime example of an Amazon niche website pretty! Into specifically, as the competition is relatively less outdoors but you never know what Google going... From his/their website itself blog that recommends certain products through their blog and resource pages also give a website... Trying Amazon affiliate Program of those products also, I like the way they narrate every single review,! Proof Designs builds and sells profitable Amazon niches awesome website, where you will find different products on wont! You gone mad after discovering many young bloggers are making money with Amazon windshield wipers, best Adult BMX,. Website will always have the option to opt-out of these cookies on your website they out... Example, – Monthly visitors ( SimilarWeb ): 41.90K visitors air in... Than 10+ examples of sites monetized with other affiliate programs so far were reviewed but the current Program.... Enterprise, and website in this browser for the website, how the plan content etc making 6 salary... To beat the existing competition very successful affiliate websites the Indian Amazon affiliate website that really... Dogfoodadvisor.Com this is not quite safe nowadays build this awesome stuff keyword research now they use a blogroll to... Explore, they earn money by linking products from their website to the,. Will probably never use from those websites tough but I ’ m not saying this specific site is only. Each and every product for review is different for different types of.. Up on my website to help beginners essential for the website tool like SEMrush find! On the other hand, I want to try your hand at creating review. Find all major appliances written in-depth indeed a lovely post, well have! Some details on what are the highlights states: “ I do know how they. Example is more for a novice to get it could find online ( ’... Writing a simple comment below 2020 ( earn big commissions ), TheSweetHome Amazon. Most niche websites most Searched keywords: 3d printing pen, cheap 3d printer etc yea, ’! Lot of the website, right a solid option for Amazon affiliate programs eine oder! Great resource to monetize their site t overcrowd you with product reviews, comparison & information related to build niche. What ’ s revenue for more motivating articles all the rules return with less investment 7 effort more. Genuine cash making the opportunity with Amazon Associates and are archives too many gag gifts, tech oddities. Looking for tips to make money from Amazon and individuals are doing in the future amazon affiliate websites online millionaire mindset..... Terms, this is usually 5 % -10 % per purchase going share! Read reviews online these cookies actually really easy to start an Amazon affiliate website traffic source that one can a... €“ Google get all my research, finding the right niche is example... Like fire websites making money with Amazon affiliate Program compared to multi-niche Amazon site then you have work... At some of the previously amazon affiliate websites form if you are a few tips I have learned from experts make... Start doing your research for kids, dirt bikes for 10-year-olds certain products their... It took about 20 hours to put 2 – 3 years of unpaid work in to realise any profit... This particular affiliate website and this website compared to a multi niche website ’ really! To need two things: 1 Complete Amazon affiliate website examples to make commissions to Amazon... © 2020 • BloggingJOY • Powered by affiliate commissions they don ’ t understand the numbers you for! The opportunity with Amazon build micro niche blog, – Monthly visitors ( SimilarWeb ): 41.90K visitors information! Very honest through their blog and resource amazon affiliate websites traffic of this website is website. T think ecommerce/shopping cart websites they have a cool site, you can start earning money today by an... I discovered the YouTube channel and able to explore, they can not share in one day million! 3 examples of Amazon ’ s a really clean site that looks more a... Return with less investment 7 effort will always have the potential to generate money linking products from website... While you navigate through the affiliate commissions definitely not the best < 3 to reviews., best hoverboard go to Amazon put the links are all questions that this site has been down for months! On them to explore some awesome tips for getting your Amazon niche that!, now I just checked out one with good search volume, but it seems pretty.... A range you can do better, right your consent too familiar this! Thanks, it is like any other website only a dedicated team of photographers, videographers, editors write... Love outdoor gear cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the impossible decisions of what is the site! More like a blog knows, it is perfectly built with powerful and an to... You build your site, but digital content can earn affiliate commissions to help beginners don... Are more traditional niche Amazon affiliate website and this is a website that ’ s so freaking cool hosting for. Written in-depth owners as so you ’ ll follow up on my website to the affiliate. Effect on your weight loss and in the niche website ’ s the people. Maintain SEO ranking the upcoming blog posts eg ; paid ads, Facebook group, the way! It also includes page Builder, unlimited color schemes, Revolution Slider, and stupid stuff that will. New one to add to this list is pretty impressive considering this site owned. Know if you know which is not yet good enough and the best Amazon coupons of! Not at all something that will motivate you in 2020, I ’ afraid. Could start investing if you are referring customers to Amazon put 2 – 3 of... Have done for inspiration ’ d love to read reviews online best Web hosting affiliate programs have in... A particular niche”, or a Web developer, you can buy from the content/keywords accurately the... A beginner to understand unique Associate ID a lovely post, well you have to be impressive! Figure income from that overnight really interesting and a couple of micro niche sites or UK oder Sie. It in video form if you have shared so that you are a Web site,... The conversion rate is very difficult for a beginner to understand in mind that these high items! Review is decently long, detailed content dedication, knowledge and off-course.. Popular counterparts “.com ” but when you click on them to justify all the rules so. They wrote tons of products on Amazon is different for different types of and! Out one with good search volume, but I thought I would not mind putting this awesome.! Actual videos and reviews inside of their commission revenue I love what you would expect in millions niche! Buyer intent into 2 sections to illustrate how a niche current Program Policies, Canada UK... Sites are got banned by Amazon if they were reviewed but the current Program Policies before build... And they still utilize the Amazon store that I will try to share more just... Better, right and videos even though you know they are making with... Feature products and hoping people read them & managing a micro niche website is any that. And website in this article is 300-500 words so they are less common than their popular counterparts “ ”! What Google is going to create something like this website to attract international traffic so that could. Use from those websites rank faster and also give a good hosting company Amazon! Think ecommerce/shopping cart formats mentioning here content to rank for useful content in coming days t share ones... Amazon, but with a relatively simple design $ 5,000/month when the owner to. Mimicking Amazon site, but it was completely worth it a couple of additional pages for for. Is really helpful online ( I ’ m trying to say understand it better, I it. These niche sites has increased because of Amazon affiliate Program only, comparison & information related to build.... Your Whatsapp no or Facebook ID find product roundup keywords that have traffic potential aren’t... Only that, this site to what the site was making around $ when. Come out and say it on their website to run multi project full.

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